What's Fresh at Lighthouse Seafood & Deli

Wild King Salmon Filet- Lighthouse Seafood

Fresh Fish - Lighthouse Seafood

Wild King Salmon Filet

Freshest and wildest selection of farm-raised fish in the Frederick area. From Chilean Seabass to Ecuadorian farm-raised Tilapia

Oysters - Lighthouse Seafood

Clams - Lighthouse Seafood

Wild Sewansecott Oysters from HOG Island VA

Farm-raised Littleneck Clams from New Inlet VA

Gulf Shrimp - Lighthouse Seafood

Marinated Salmon - Lighthouse Seafood

100% USA Gulf Brown Shrimp available Year Round

Fresh marinated Salmon topped with fresh Dill (this item can be found at our hot foods case, made daily)

King Crab Legs - Lighthouse Seafood

Seasoned Blue Crabs - Lighthouse Seafood

King Crab Legs from the frigid waters of Alaska

Seasoned and Cooked Blue Crabs with our own special seasoning blend (seasonal availability)

Salmon Cakes - Lighthouse Seafood

Bacon Wrapped Scallops - Lighthouse Seafood

Salmon Pinwheels- Lighthouse Seafood

Delmonico Steak - Lighthouse Seafood

Our Salmon Cakes topped with butter dill slice, made from fresh Salmon HERE at Lighthouse

dry Scallops
perfect for every occasion

Salmon Pinwheels stuffed with spinach and fresh crabmeat

Freshly-cut Delmonico Steak

Frozen Seafood Items: Subject to availability and season

*Breaded Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp
*Breaded Super Clam Strips
*Large Breaded Coconut Shrimp Pieces
*Breaded USA Oysters
*Breaded Flounder Fillet
*Jumbo Snow Crab Clusters
*Alaskan King Crab Legs
*USA Frozen Tuna Steaks
*Crayfish Tail meat
*Warm Water Lobster Tails, from 7oz. up to 20oz.
*Frozen Icelandic Cello Haddock
*Cleaned Squid Tubes and Tentacles
*Dungense Crab Legs
*Frog Legs
*Ez-peel Shrimp
*Raw Peeled and De-veined Shrimp
* USA Gulf Brown Shrimp IQF or Block
*And Much More



Fresh Seafood Items: Subject to availability and Season


*Fresh Crabmeat Lump and Jumbo From Maryland, Louisiana, North Carolina, Alabama, and Venezula

*Fresh Pints of Shucked Oysters Farm Raised and Wild Caught Selects and Standards

*Fresh White North Carolina Shrimp

*Jumbo Softshell Crabs from Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina

*2 pound bags of Mussels from the USA

*USA Dry Scallops whole and Pieces

*Middleneck and Littleneck Clams USA

*Oysters in the shell Virginia Chincoteagues, Virginia Sewansecotts, Blue Points from Long Island NY, Maryland Bay Oysters.

*Fresh Maine Lobsters

*Blue Crabs from North Carolina, Maryland, and louisiana

*Fresh Fish Daily Atlantic Farm Raised Salmon, Wild Scottish Salmon, USA Farm Raised Cat Fish, Pacific Cod Fillet, Tilapia, Rainbow Trout, Mahi Mahi, Sushi Grade Tuna, Wild Rock Fish from the Chesapeake Bay, Patagonian ToothFish also known as Chilean Seabass, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Onaga Snapper, Grey Tile Fish, Grouper, West Coast and East Coast Halibut, Monkfish, and much much more.



*All Frozen and Fresh Items are subject to season and availability

*Call to check out our weekly catch

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