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We feel education is a vital component of any successful seafood operation whether it be at the retail or wholesale level. Lighthouse Seafood base our daily and weekly data on information compiled from all over the globe, through our relationships from along the spectrum of the seafood industry. In order to service our customers we encourage are sales force to continue to educate and familiarize themselves with all products and services we offer in order to answer the customers questions with knowledge and confidence.

Prices are monitored and based on daily quotes from our direct sources.We then ensure its quality and promptness of delivery at a fair market price. Our facility is HACCAP certified and we take pride in maintaining a clean and safe facility.

Return Policy: on any items purchased except Crabs: If Lighthouse Seafood and Deli is not notified within 24 hours of purchase of product, we can not accept any returns for spoiled or bad products.

Live Crab Policy: If purchasing LIVE crabs, there is a NO RETURN policy once crabs are picked up by customer.  Once crabs have left our building they are no longer our responsibility.

Steamed Crab Policy: If purchasing steamed cooked crabs, there is a 24 hour return policy.  We must be notified within 24 hours if there is any problems with the crabs.  We will not accept any returns if there are No crabs left, or less then 3/4 of what was purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before preparing soft shell crabs,do you have to remove “the devil” from the inside, and are there any other parts that need to be removed?

  1. Cut the apron
  2. Cut the face off
  3. Break the sack in the front of the crab (grit bag)
  4. Flip up the edges of the crab and remove the lung, which is the “devil”
  5. The best available tool to clean a soft shell is a sharp pair of scissors.

If I buy frozen shrimp in five pound blocks, can I thaw them enough to use what I need and refreeze the remainder? If I can refreeze, how long will they keep?

  1. You should thaw the entire five pound block in ice cold water (slowly).
  2. Once thawed, take out the amount of shrimp you will be using.
  3. Put the remaining shrimp into a Ziploc – type freezer bag. Be sure to remove all the air from the bag and place back in freezer.
  4. The re-frozen shrimp will keep for six to eight months.

How long should I cook fresh fish?

Depending on the species, six to twelve minutes per inch of thickness or until just opaque throughout. Overcooking will ruin great-tasting fish.

When I’m cooking mussels,clams and oysters how can I tell when they are done?

Mussels and clams actually pop open when they are done. To ensure doneness with oysters, cook an additional one to two minutes after they open, depending on size. All these shellfish are terrific served with melted butter and lemon.

How do I know when mussels, clams, and oysters are alive and safe for eating?

As long as your shellfishes are tightly shut or shut when lightly tapped they are alive and safe for cooking.

How do I know how much fish to buy when entertaining?

As a general rule, allow 8 to 12 oz. of dressed fish per serving. Allow 4 to 8 oz. of fish steaks or fillets per serving.

How long can I keep fresh fish before cooking it?

Generally, fish should be cooked within two days of purchase to ensure the highest quality.


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